Southwestern Chicken and Corn Chowder

April 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

I don’t know what possessed me to cook a hot and fairly substantial soup on a balmy Southern Maryland day. The potatoes and cream seemingly contradict a humid, 85 degree day and its demands for a cool, light, and refreshing meal. Well, suck it summer-in-April! This soup is just what I needed. The creamy broth didn’t feel heavy, nor did the fingerling potatoes that I added in. No, not even the wonderful fatty sheen from sauteed chorizo could make me rethink my decision to have a piping bowl of chowder on a day more fitting for July than mid-Spring.

This is a meal made for all seasons. Or, that’s what I’ve decided. Bitchin’ Camero you did good! I mostly stuck with the recipe on this one, with the following substitutions/amendments:

Red potatoes → Bag o’ fingerling potatoes (and there were some blue potatoes in there, how exciting!)

Fire Roasted Red Tomatoes → 14 oz whole plum tomates (broken up in the pot with a wooden spoon) + 1 can chopped tomatoes with lime juice and green chilies (you’re gonna have to ask The Commander about that one, I have no idea how he finds this stuff, godspeed to you!)

Soak the guajillos in hot water while the onions and potatoes cook after you’ve dry sauteed them, it makes ’em easier to chop. Then, take the water you used to soak the peppers and use it to make the chicken stock (if you’re using bouillon) so that all that spicy goodness that’s leeched from the peppers isn’t lost forever!

I decided to add in some smoked paprika and cumin when I was sauteing the onions and potatoes. I did decide against liquid smoke–which I, personally, think was a good decision because it would’ve obscured the brightness of the lime zest.

Get creative! My substitutions were solely made based on what we had in our pantry–the frugal, starving college student in me lives on well past graduation, apparently. Some fresh, roasted poblano peppers would be an interesting addition, as would some chilis in adobo sauce!


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