Handful o’ Quiche

June 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Maybe you’ve caught on to my general disdain for breakfast. Platefuls of scrambled eggs and omelets do nothing for me. I’ll take Pappy ‘ausage anytime, though–that’s what cousin ‘Ronica calls country style sausage. Isn’t she adorable?

That said, I’ve realized that many of my food conundrums are breakfast-centric. I just can’t figure out how to get into a delicious breakfast groove. Part of the problem is timing. I have to wake up at a time that seems completely unbearable when my alarm jolts me awake (in reality, it’s 7:30 and everyone else in the house has already left for the day). So, I decided to try and make my zombie like pilgrimage to the kitchen as brainless as possible. Enter the mini quiche.

These things are so easy, I could do it pre-caffeination. But it wouldn’t be pretty–that’s why I made these on a loverly Sunday afternoon. Quiches, as I discovered, are not the veggie packed healthy food that I thought they were. I have no clue how the French eat nothing but baguettes, quiche, and red wine all day and stay thin. It must be all the cigarettes. Le sigh. Anyway, quiches are more like a sprinkling of vegetables covered with heavy cream that, unfortunately for me, would just find a nice place on my ass to hunker down with absolutely no intention of leaving. Instead, I used some greek yogurt and half and half. You still need some sort of fat to set the quiche, so don’t go off using skim and think that all will be well. (As a side note, skim milk? Really? Gross.)

I headed to the fridge and grabbed the meats, cheese and vegetables that were available/on the verge of rotting/still vaguely edible. I ended up making three kinds of mini quiche that were all equally delicious in their own right.

Top: Onion, spinach, and gruyere (though shallots would’ve been great too!)

Middle: Tomato and swiss in a black forest ham cup (these were probably my favorite)

Bottom: Andouille, red pepper, and monterey jack.

The suckers will stick the pan like crazy if you forget to grease ’em down. And then you’ll be prying burned quiche from a pan at 7:30 in the morning and thinking, “Really, is this what my life has come to?” Talk about first world problems, folks. So, before you start getting your creative juices flowing over the endless mini quiche possibilities at your fingertips, go ahead and spray that a cupcake pan down with oil. Then, I went ahead and put all of my fillings in the cupcake pan so I knew what I was working with; I only filled up each cup about halfway. To make the egg filling, I cracked three eggs in a bowl and whisked them together. Then I added a cup of greek yogurt and 2/3 cup of half and half, seasoning with salt and pepper. After I poured the egg/yogurt concoction into each mini quiche, I gave each cup a swirl with a spoon to get everything mixed together because I’m paranoid and wanted to make sure everything would be set and not falling off the bottom. Bake at 375 until they are set, about 20 minutes–this it totally a guess and may not be accurate at all. I’m going to strongly suggest that you go ahead and peek in the oven every once and awhile.

There are no pictures of the finished product, these guys were GONE.


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